Social Welfare Cell (SWC)
Sr. No. Designation Name of the member
1 Chairman Dr. S.J. Kshirsagar
2 Advisor Hon. Uttamji Kamble
3 Teacher coordinator Dr. P.B. Udavant and Dr. D.S. Bhambere
4 Trust Representative Mr. Ravi Deshmukh
5 Students representative(SY) Shagun Bansod; Shubhangi Desai
6 Students representative(TY) Amruta Hegade; Pranay Bagul
8 Students representative(Final Yr) Rais Pathan; Pranit mandlik; Ruchita Kokate
9 Alumni representative Nilesh Pande
10 NGO representative Nanaji Shinde, Sarwahara Parivartan Kendra

  •  To develop students of the institute as socially responsible citizens.
  • To sensitize our students on various social issues in order to promote contribution from their side.
  • To create awareness in society regarding variety of issues to improve standard and quality of life.
  • To organize workshops /camps to serve to the society.
  • To involve maximum students in social welfare activity to impart social responsibility amongst all students.

  • Activities
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                         AY 2015-16
    Name of activity Download Date Expenses
    Guest lecture by Uttamji Kamble Report 26-03-2015 --
    Visit to a tribal School at Tryambakeshwar and distribution of equipments useful for water conservation Report 23-04-2015 5214
    Distribution of Uniforms and School Kit to tribal kids  Report 30-07-2015 26400
    Donation for purchasing note books for a NGO Aug-15 500
    Distribution of Shoes to kids 27-12-2015 6100
    Distribution of Bicycles and Cupboard Report 14-02-2016 18250
    Donation of Water Purifier to a school from Nagosali   15-10-2015 6500
    Donation to drought affected through NAAM Foundation   26-05-2016 35000
    Misc     107
    Total expenditure of SWC in AY 2015-16 98071/-
      AY 2016-17
    Guest lecture by Raosaheb Kasabe 22/07/2016 Report 22-07-2016 --
    Ganapati Visarjan and Idol collection Report 15-09-2016 1000
    Pharmacist Day celebration and distribution of first aid boxes to orphanage homes Report 25-09-2016 4730
    Construction of toilets at Vaitarana English School Report 22-10-2016 48000
    Financial assistance to MET Staff for hospital expences   Jan-17 4350/-
    Financial assistance to accident victim student   Feb 2017
    May 2017
    Total expenditure of SWC in AY 2015-16 129251/-