List of Journals  
 National Journals 
Sr.No. Name of Journals
1   Asian journal of pharmaceutical analysis
2  CIMS (Current index of medical specialities)
3  Drug today
4  Indian drugs
5  Indian journal of chemistry part: A
6  Indian journal of chemistry part: B
7  Indian journal of pharmaceutical sciences
8  International journal of experimental pharmacology
9  International journal of pharmaceutical development and technology
10  International journal of pharmaceutical research and analysis
11  International journal of phytopharmacology
12  International journal of phytopharmacy
13  Inventi impact : NDDS
14  Inventi impact : Novel excipients
15  Inventi impact : Pharmceutical Analysis & Quality Assurance
16  Inventi: Medicinal Chemistry
17  Journal of GMP & industrial pharmacy
18  Research & reviews: A journal of drug design & discovery
19  Research journal of pharmacognosy and phytochemistry
20  The Indian pharmacist


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