Mrs. J. M. Bulbule

Committee Members

*   Mrs. Nilima Thombre   Final Year Class Teacher
*   Ms. Neelam Dashputre   T. Y. Class Teacher
*   Mrs. Rani Kankate   S. Y. Class Teacher
*   Mrs. Sapana Ahirrao   F. Y. Class Teacher
*   Dr. M. P. Patil   HOD M. Pharm. Pharmaceutics
*   Dr. A. R. Shaikh   HOD M. Pharm. Pharmaceutical Chemistry
*   Dr. G. S. Deokar   HOD M. Pharm. Quality Assurance Techniques

Functions of Discipline committee

*   Day to day monitoring of lectures and practicals by class teachers (Daily log book entries are made)
*   Ensuring that the students are kept engaged during college hours.
*   Planning and monitoring of study sessions.
*   Regular Attendance monitoring
*   Parents’ meet co-ordination and feedback.
*   Preparation and dispatch of attendance and academic performance of students to parents.
*   Co-ordination of I-cards and Uniforms issue with HR dept, IOP admin office and accounts section.
*   Discipline monitoring of respective class.