Drug and health information centre is a unique information centre proposed to be opened in the premises of Institute of Pharmacy to dispense information and knowledge on various health related issues as well as drugs. This centre will a be milestone in the history of IOP and will be a place all will find very helpful and useful specially because health has been and will remain to be the most sensitive issue in everybody’s life.  The provision of drug information (DI) is among the fundamental professional responsibilities of all pharmacists. Recent practice trends, including increased awareness towards health have placed pharmacists in increasingly complex patient-care roles and necessitated a higher level of competence by all pharmacists in meeting DI needs. Drug information may be patient specific, academic (for educational purposes), The goal of providing carefully evaluated, evidence-based recommendations to support specific medication-use practices is to enhance the quality of patient care, improve patient outcomes, and ensure the prudent use of resources.
  Objectives :
  • To provide information to maintain health.
  • To provide basic facilities for estimation of body mass index, recording of blood pressure, detection of blood group, estimation of hemoglobin level, random blood glucose level etc.
  • To be able to identify or give an early indication of probable health related issues.
  • To inform about appropriate use of medicines, adverse effects and interactions of medicine.
  • To provide information on non therapeutic/ lifestyle changes appropriate with particular diseased condition
  • To improve quality of life of patients suffering from chronic and lifestyle disorders Example- Diabetes Mellitus is one of the most common and frequent metabolic disorder seen in developed and developing countries.
  • Information on proper diet and exercise has proved to cause dramatic improvement in the patients of diabetes mellitus.