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    Name Thrust area PG students guided No. of publications Funded projects (completed Or undergoing)
    Department of Pharmaceutics
    Dr. Thombre N.A Formulation and development Natural polysaccharides 35 22 03
    Dr. M. P.Patil Development and evaluation of Self emulsifying drug delivery system Novel topical delivery system Application of QbD in drug delivery system 27 17 00
    Dr. S. P. Ahirrao Formulation and development of single and multiple dosage forms 17 05 00
    Dr. D. S. Bhambere Targeted drug delivery Particulate drug delivery system 12 08 00
    Mrs. S. R. Rupvate Formulation and Development of Gastroretentative floating microspheres and Novel Drug Delivery System. 00 05 00
    Mrs. S. P. Kakad Formulation Development 00 03 00
    Mrs. G. Y. Patil Formulation and development Nanospnges 00 02 00
    Department of Quality Assurance
    Dr. S. J. Kshirsagar Formulation and Development, QbD, Nanotechnology Colon specific drug delivery system 28 60 02
    Dr. G. S. Deokar Pharmaceutical validation Quality by design in process /product development and scale up studies Quality By design Approach in Method development and validation Natural Polymers. 48 26 00
    Dr. S. S. Sonawane Development and optimization of RP-HPLC methods using experimental design strategy. stability-indicating methods for drugs and Bioanalytical methods for drugs. Use of chemometry in UV-VIS spectrophotometric -+smethod development 17 20 01completed
    01 on going
    Department of Pharmaceutical Chemistry
    Dr. D.D. Rishipathak Microwave assisted synthesis Medicinal Chemistry Molecular docking 10 12 01
    Dr. S . S. Chhajed Synthesis of Medicinally important Small molecule Protein simulation and chemiinformatics Computer aided drug design Analytical method development and validation 14 26 02
    Dr. R. S. Kankate Synthetic chemistry Computer aided drug design Green chemistry 11 18 01
    Mr. S. D. Patil Analytical method development and validation 04 07
    Mrs. K. S. Mahajan Analytical method development and validation 00 01 00
    Department of Pharmacology
    Dr. P.B. Udavant Preclinical evaluation for biological activity Toxicity testing Bio-distribution study 00 07
    Mrs. N.L. Dashputre
  • Preclinical studies of Immunomodulatory activity
  • Experimental Animal studies of Antiulcer activity
  • Experimental Animal studies of Analgesic activity
  • Preclinical studies of antioxidant activity
  • Preclinical studies of Hepatotoxicity study
  • Acute and Chronic toxicity study
  • Herbal formulation
  • Department of Pharmacognosy
    Dr. S. N. Surse Phytochemistry Quality control of herbal drugs Microbiological evalution 00 02 01
    Mr. Pratap Pawar Phytochemistry 00 00 00