Dear Corporate Colleagues,
  In the last forty years or so, management education in India has taken giant strides – from a mere handful of institutes in the early 1960's to more than 3500 today. It has brought about a quantum change in the perception of society in general, and students in particular, with regard to the importance and scope of management as a field of professional study.
  A good management education can provide a stepping stone to lucrative and promising professional careers for ambitious young men and women. Now that the world is truly a global village, business in the global environment is becoming increasingly competitive and complex, calling for multi-disciplinary and multi-dimensional skills.
The upwardly mobile young professional is able to acquire these hard and soft skills only through a well designed and executed management program, delivered by qualified and experienced faculty in a progressive, modern B-School.
  Keeping in mind the need for top-class intellectual capital and infrastructure that define the excellence or absences thereof in a Business School, our efforts at MET-BKC have always focused toward attracting the best of in-house as well as visiting talent. Classroom lectures are interspersed with live cases, industry exposure and interactions with corporate stalwarts, who share their experiences perspectives with our students.
  Another dimension emphasized at MET-BKC is the all-round holistic development of our students' personalities. We therefore lay particular emphasis on communication and Foreign Language skills which will give our students a head start in the global arena that they are required to face today. With the kind of structured, contemporary inputs delivered to our students, I am confident they shall prove to be an asset to any organization. I wish them every success!

Dr. Nilesh Berad