Department of Mechanical Engineering

Laboratory Details

Sr. No. Name of the Laboratory Area
  Item with Specification Lab In-charge Technical Assistant
1 Power Engineering 110.93

  Morse Test Rig
  Single Cylinder Diesel Test rig,
  Stefan Boltzmann Equipment
  Reciprocating Compressor Rig
  Exhaust Gas Analyser
  Vapour Compression Test Rig
Prof. K. A. Nerkar Mr. S. B. Tamhane
2 Fluid Power 180.42   Pelton Wheel Test Rig
  Centrifugal Pump Test Rig
  Reciprocating Pump Test Rig
  Bernoulli’s Theorem Apparatus
  Flow Measurement Test Rig
Prof. K. G. Deshpande Mr. S B Kuldhar
3 MQC & Measurement 110.00    Floating Carriage
  Pneumatic Comparator
  Optical profile Projector
  Rotameter Trainer
Prof. N. O. Warbhe Mr. V. G. Dhanwate
4 Theory of Machine & Mechanism 73.30    Universal Governor Apparatus
   Static & Dynamic Balancing
   Demonstration Model of Clutches
   Demonstration of Bearing
   Demonstration of Differential
Prof. P. P. Badgujar Mr. S S. Chaudhari  
5 Elective (AEN+RAC) 141.22    Thermal Conductivity Test Rig
   Solar Water Heating System
   Models of Boiler & Condenser
   Refrigeration Test Rig
   Water Cooler Test Rig
Prof. S. B. Mahale Mr. S. B. Tamhane
6 Automation & Control 138.00   PLC Trainer Kit
  Hydraulic Trainer Kit
  Pneumatic Trainer Kit  
Prof. V. E. Kothawade Mr. S. S. Chaudhari
7 Mechanical CADD 38.40   28 Nos. of Desktop Computers with
  Software’s like AutoCAD, Unigaraphics,
Prof. S. A. Mandore Mr. V. G. Dhanwate