Principal’s Address

Bhalchandra Chaware
Principal In Charge


Friends and young aspiring architects, It is my honour to pen down this message which comes straight from my heart, for a subject which I have a strong passion & a deep conviction for. I believe we are all trustees of architecture. This is not a mere profession; for me ,I am a devotee of this great body of knowledge that reveals itself as a way of life.

In a retrospective journey of enchanting past of 40 years, I always happen to discover and rediscover various dimensions of my own self and life.

This in turn has given an ability and inclination for social contribution leading towards a path of containment.

I always feel that, while approaching the field of arts, creation and design, one needs a direction which evolves through constant observation, exploration, experimentation & experience. This is a platform where implicit ideas are as much or rather more significant than physical and tangible expression. Perusal of this approach leads to a rooted mindset which prepares the ground for grooming of architecture. Being a field of constant innovation, architecture demands a lot of courage and a respect to thoughts and expressions. Here, indulgence in the search of unknown generate a state were one's self identity gets dissolved and that is how one could reach out to new ideas.

Grooming of such attitude needs a patient and innocent search where the knowing the self and social response is the relevant platform for expression. Art revolves around individuality, society and community.

When art fuses with society, culture evolves as a way of life. Art gives a new dimension and meaning while culture becomes a common ground for sharing and expression. Here at MET's BKC School of Architecture and Interior Design - Govardhan Campus, we aspire to represent these two dimensions of humanity.