A library is a collection of sources of information and similar resources, made accessible to a defined community for reference or borrowing. It provides physical or digital access to material. An effective library and information service is the main aim of MET-SOA library. It is growing with the time to support the teaching, research and extension activities.

Library At A Glance 
Titles: 313 
Volumes: 523
Subject wise Total Number of Books :

Sr.No.SubjectNo. of Books
1 World History & Literature 10
2 Decorative Arts & Interior Drawings 33
3 Landscape/Area Planning 5
4 Engineering/Civil Eng., Building Construction, TOS 127
5 Architectural Monographs 73
6 Architectural Drawing/ Design/ Structure 43
7 Architectural Philosophy 20
8 Architecture & enviornment 13
9 Modern Architecture 60
10 Architecture/ Miscellaneous 139


Journals/ Magazines: 15
International : 3
National : 12

National Journals/ Magzines:- Architecture: Time Space and People, Down to Earth,  Domus (India), Heritage India, Indian Architect Builder, Journal of Advance Research in Construction & Urban Architecture , Journal Of Landscape Architecture, Marg, National Geographic Magazine, TEKTON A Journal of Architecture, Urban Design and Planning, The Journal of The Indian Institute of Architects, National Geographic Magazine, University News

International Journals / Magzines :-Domus(UK), El Croquis, TOPOS

Newspapers: 14
English(2) : Times of India, Indian Express,
Marathi(5) : Sakal, Mharashtra Times, Loksatta, Lokmat, Divya Marathi

Reading Hall Capacity: 40 

Library Timing: 09:00 am To 05:30 pm

Borrowers and There Privileges

  1. Faculty Members ~Per subject 5 books ~For 15 days
  2. MET-BKC-Staff ~2 Books ~For Week
  3. SOA  Students ~2 TB For Week

SOA Library Facilities :

  • Reading Hall
  • OPAC
  •  News paper clipping
  • Current Contents of Periodicals
  • Google Group for dissemination of study material and information
  • SDI: Selective/ needed information service.
  • Printing Facility is available for library users strictly for academic / educational purpose. Applicable charges are.
         For A4 size paper-
    Rs. 3/- per page (one side) B/W and for both side Rs.5/-.
  • Reprography facility/ Xerox facility is also available with charge of
         For A-4 size paper-
    Rs.2/- per page (one side) B/W and for both side Rs.4/-.
         For A-3 size paper-
    Rs.3/- per page (one side) and for both side Rs.6/-.

MET SOA Library Rules

  1. Library will remain open for the reader on all working days except Sundays, National & Public holidays. Library Timing is 09:00 am to 05:00 pm.
  2. Registration is compulsory to become a library member prior to using the library resources & services.
  3. Each user (faculty and student) must sign in and out his/her name in the respective library attendance register/s.
  4. Students are supposed to keep their bags, personal reading material and other belonging in the belonging racks.
  7. Use of mobile phone, Smoking, Eating, sleeping and talking loudly, prohibited strictly inside the Library.
  8. Students will not allow using the library during lectures hours.
  9. Students are requested to keep the books/magazines or any other material used in its respective place.
  10. No library material will take out of the library without the permission of the librarian.
  11. Books once issued will not be return on the same day.
  12. No library Material can be issue by any person on someone else’s I-card.
  13. Students can borrow one book at a time. For issue /return of books, please make a queue.
  14. Books once issued can be retained by borrower up one week only. A book issued can be renewing on or before the due date, ‘once’ for a period of five more days only.
  15. A Late fine of Rs.10/- will charged per book per day. No books can be issue once the fine crosses Rs.50.Once the fine is paid, issuing will be restore again.
  16. Books returned to the library will not be issue to anyone before completion of return work and check points of reservations.
  17. Students should inspect the condition of the book before borrowing it and inform the Librarian about the missing or torn pages if any. The concerned student will held responsible for the same. Later at the time of returning the book.
  18. Readers’ should not write in, mark or otherwise disfigure/damage books, (marking with pencil; writing or highlighting, tearing the pages or mutilating the same in any other way) furniture, etc. The readers are liable for punishment with fine if either they misbehave or damage the book or any other property of the library.
  19. If the book issued is damage, the price of the book will be recover from the borrower. Loss of library card(s) and/ or borrowed book(s) must brought notice to the librarian immediately.
  20. In case of lost book condition, replacement of the same or higher edition is preferred. If book is not available in the market then only double the cost of the book/Journal/ Periodical, as fine will be charge.
  21. Any library material, which taken out of the Library for photocopying, will have to be return it on next day. Before that, prior written permission of Principal is necessary.
  22. The librarian may recall any book from any member at any time and the member shall return the same immediately.
  23. Reference books, Library Copies, Monographs, periodicals, standards or other material of referral nature will not be issue to any student and Faculty.
  24. All students/faculty members/ staff of the institutions are required to collect their library clearance certificate from library at the end of his/her study/ service, by surrendering all library dues.  

User’s cooperation and gentle behaviour with the library staffs is expected. For any query & any suggestions/queries regarding collection or library working, please mail to These rules are subject to revision/update from time to time without assigning any reason. For latest Library rules and regulations, please contact Librarian.