Education at MET SOA
  The curriculum focuses on self-development in resonance with the social context progressively across the five           years .
  Year 1 : Questioning fundamentals
    In the first year, the fundamentals are challenged while approaching new ways of perception and expression. The learning process in based on exploration and experience. The core program of this year is sowing seeds of sensitivity for the inner self and surrounding , and an exposure to allied at arts and other design descriptions.
  Year 2 : Reviving the self
    This year is based on cultivating attitude , values and ethics rooted in cultural ethos. The essence of this year is about understanding evolution of space with respect to human perception, diversity and response to context; where association to physical environs is significant.
  Year 3 : Building Conviction
    This year the focus is on learning through beliefs, investigation and experimentation. The course is based on the response to cultural context with regards to human and physical geography . Exploring links within and across built and un- built is an essential component.
  Year 4 : Searching for an Identity
    The core of this year's programme is engaging self with a passion where one is working with spirit, heart and mind. The intent is to arrive at a role of a critique with respect to self and surroundings while finding ways contribution towards society and professional identity.
  Year 5 : Finding grounds
    The final year is focused on understanding role and responsibilities of architect in the social realm and to emerge with a language of self expansion.

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