MET's School of Architecture and Interior Design


Wondering through dreams....
Realising ecstasy and bliss....
Let’s nurture a life of meaning, Rooted in Native!


Exploring the derivation of Architecture through constant experimentation.

The institute serves as a platform and curriculum becomes means and tools. Life at MET-SOA is about evolving through process to procession where process is a journey of self-discovery while procession is a state where self-identity gets dissolved in environment.

Architecture is perceived as a medium to connect intangible and tangible while this realm keeps transforming from thoughts and ideologies to physical spaces and forms and vice-versa.


Curriculum Objective  

When Architecture Engages With People,

Life Becomes Celebration!


MET-BKC Govardhan Campus 
Where dreams are nurtured!

» Amidst the tranquil and picturesque setting
» Optimizing the terrain and climate
» Savouring the mesmerising panorama of Gangapur Dam back-waters
» MET-BKC Govardhan campus serves as a Conducive environment for nesting of creative minds
» Equipped with state-of-the art infrastructure and on campus facilities


Research Publication
Design Cell
Collaborative Programs