Department of Computer Engineering
in association with
Computer Society of India

Expert Session on “Red-Hat Linux”
Date : 29th March 2017
Resource Person :
  1. Aditi Bagul (Graduated in IT,Certification-RHCSA,RHCS,RHCVA)
  2. Shubham Katara (, Certification RHCSA,RHCE,CLOUD, WEB HOSTING)
Resource Organization : Information Routing Technologies, Nashik

Session Co-ordinator : Prof. M. V. Shinde

Content of Seminar is  :
  1. Basics of Cloud Computing.
  2. Need of Cloud Computing.
  3. Traditional vs Modern computing practices.
  4. Cloud Payment Models.
  5. Cloud Service Models.
    1. Infrastructure as a service
    2. Software as a service
    3. Storage as a service
  6. Practicals
    1. Amazon Web Services. EC2
    2. Security concerns over Cloud.
    3. Going Live for your website with AWS over RHEL7 with Apache Server.
    4. Making your own Google Drive / DropBox with Amazon Web Services.
    5. Software as a service Demonstration, Office over web browser.
  7. Introduction to DevOps and Virtualization.
Participants : All Pre-final year students and  final year students of Computer Engineering,
                      IT Engineering, MCA