Bhujbal Knowledge City

Institute of
Department of Mechanical Engineering - UG


Program Educational Objectives (PEO)
  • PEO 1 : To prepare student graduate with core knowledge for successful technical and professional
  •                career.

  • PEO 2 : To develop the ability among students in comprehending, analyzing and designing the   
  •                 product that provides solution frame works to real life problems.

  • PEO 3 : To provide an opportunity for the student to demonstrate the commitment as part of a team
  •                on multidisciplinary projects.

  • PEO 4 : To promote students awareness in lifelong learning and professional development through
  •                self-study and continuing education.

  • PEO 5 : To encourage student graduates towards the issue of social relevance and professional
  •                practices.

Program Specific Outcomes (PSO) 
  • PSO 1 : Mechanical Engineering students will be able to solve the complex as well as design problems                and provide solution to Industry or society.

  • PSO 2 : Mechanical Engineering students will be able to use modern tools in design, CAD/CAM with
  •                professional and ethical responsibility.

  • PSO 3 : Ability to communicate effectively as well as to adopt a realistic, practical, systematic and
  •                 innovative approach to problem-solving as a team.