Bhujbal Knowledge City

Institute of
Department of MCA


Program Educational Objectives 
  1. To prepare students to enhance the employability and successful careers in industry that meets the needs of Indian and global companies.

  2. To develop the ability among students to implement innovative and creative ideas by using technical concepts. 

  3. To provide opportunity for students to work as part of teams on IT projects in industry. 

  4. To equip students with a sound foundation in the Software engineering fundamentals, mathematics, and management science necessary to formulate, solve and addressreal world problems and to prepare them for further studies& work in research areas.

  5. To promote student awareness of the life-long learning and to introduce them to professional ethics, International Standards, Best Practices, Frameworks and codes of professional practice.

Program Specific Outcomes 
  1. Understand and apply knowledge on analysis, design and development of applications in the computing discipline.

  2. Use of recent technology, skill and knowledge for computing practice with commitment on societal, moral values.

  3. Work professionally with positive attitude as an individual or in multidisciplinary teams and communicate effectively.

  4. Develop ability to utilize modern computer technologies, environments, and platforms in creating innovative career paths to be an entrepreneur, and contribution towards society.