Bhujbal Knowledge City

Institute of
Department of Electrical Engineering


Program Educational Objectives 
  • To prepare students as competent to analyze and provide economically feasible and socially acceptable solutions of real life technical problems in industry, research and academics related to power, information and electronic hardware

  • Practice and inspire high ethical and technical standards and communicate to colleagues and the public at large their work and accomplishments.

  • Pursue a diverse range of careers as engineers, consultants, and entrepreneurs.

  • Demonstrate leadership skills in the workplace and function professionally in a globally competitive world.
Program Specific Outcomes 
  • To explore the scientific theories, ideas, methodologies and the new cutting edge technologies in renewable energy engineering, and use this erudition in their professional development and gain sufficient competence to solve the current and future energy problems universally.

  • Graduate will be able to demonstrate an ability to analyze, design and provide an engineering solution in the areas related to Electric Drives/ Control and Power systems.

  • To learn how to use software for design, simulation and analysis of electrical systems.