MET World of Musics

Modern Life Style creates stress when due space is not given to Individual Personality. In order to relieve from this stress, we have solution of Music Therapy in the form of MET World of Music.

MET League of Colleges has launched an unique music library for its students and staff. The MET MWM is equipped with touch-screen kiosks, headphones and a colossal archive of music.

Student can select song from the screen and the details of the song appear singer and its style of the beat and more. The songs/videos can be queued in the playlists. Apart from Indian music, the music varies from Western, Classical, Filmy, Karaoke Tracks, Devotional, Ghazel’s, Qawallis, Classics, Retro-pop, World music, Jazz and even Techno music is also available. All the information about the ragas of the song is given in the database.

"Studies have proven that music plays a very important role in the development of the human brain, it also acts as a stress buster and eases tensions. MET tries to provide musical meditation to students through MET World of Music"

The music centre is also equipped with various Indian Classical and Western instruments like the Tabla, Guitar, Casio, Harmonium, octopod and Vocal for students who are keen to learn classical music practically on the Instrument. Learning Music or Listening Music is a stress busting exercise which allows all to break free from the regular assignments and work, to relax in the world of music.

Infrastructure at MWM
  • List of Equipments

  • Sr.No. Name of Equipments Qty.
    1 Lenovo Commercial M90Z All-In-One Desktop Configuration: Intel Core i3 2.93 GHz Processor, 2GB DDR3 RAM, 23” TFT touch sensitive screen, 320 GB SATA Hard Disk Drive 17
    2 Amplified Speakers Proton 02
    3 DELL LCD Projector with remote 01
    4 Motorized Projector Screen 4’x6’ 01
    5 NX Audio Stereo Headphones 17
    6 Lenovo USB Keyboard 01
    7 Lenovo USB Mouse 01
    8 Panasonic Telephone 01
    9 A/C Remote 01
Record Books In/Out registers for Staff and Students.
Total numbers of songs are 47500 approx.
  • Category-wise songs

  • 1 Classical 248 songs
    2 Semi Classical 5000 songs
    3 Western 4000 songs
    4 Filmy 12800 Hindi
    1000 Telugu
    1200 Bengali
    4000 Marathi
    5 Non-Filmy 2000 songs
    6 Others MET Videos