Faculty List of Mechanical Engineering

Sr.No. Name of the Faculty Qualification Designation Date of Joining Institution
1 Dr. M. P. Ray M. Tech ( TFE), PhD, IITB Professor 04/10/2017
2 Mr. S. V. Ingle M.E. (CAD CAM), Ph.D (Pursuing) Associate Professor (Designated) 08/08/2006
3 Mr. S. B. Patil M.E. (TPE), Ph.D (Pursuing) Associate Professor (Designated) 08/11/2008
4 Mr. V. A. Upadhye B. E. (Mechanical) Visiting Lecturer 13/07/2010
5 Mr. S. K. Dahake ME Mechanical (CAD/CAM),
Ph.D (Pursuing)
Assistant Professor 18/03/2008
6 Mr. H. A. Chavan M. Tech(CAD/CAM), Ph.D(Pursuing) Assistant Professor 23/07/2010
7 Mr. A. Y. Chaudhari ME (Machine Design), Ph.D(Pursuing) Assistant Professor 25/02/2009
8 Mr. D. K. Dond M. Tech (Automobile), Ph.D (Pursuing) Assistant Professor 07/09/2009
9 Mr. N. S. Hyalij M. Tech(Mech), Thermal Engg. Assistant Professor 15/02/2011
10 Mr. D. P. Panchve ME(Heat Power Engg.) Assistant Professor 01/07/2010
11 Mr. A. B. Varandal M. Tech(Mech), Thermal Engg. Assistant Professor 01/07/2010
12 Mr. S. R. Suryawanshi M.E (Design Engg.), Ph.D (Pursuing) Assistant Professor 30/08/2010
13 Mr. R .R. Barshikar M.E. (DESIGN ENGG) , Ph.D (Pursuing) Assistant Professor 13/09/2010
14 Mr. V. P. Chaudhari ME(Machine Design) Assistant Professor 11/07/2011
15 Mr. S. V. Karanjkar M. Tech(Machine Design) Assistant Professor 04/08/2006
16 Mr. A. D. Patil M.E (Design Engg.) Assistant Professor 16/08/2011
17 Mr. S. P. Kakade M.E. (Design Engg.) , Ph.D (Pursuing) Assistant Professor 13/03/2012
18 Mr. D. D. Deshmukh M.E (Prod. and Automation) ,Ph.D(Pursuing) Assistant Professor 02/07/2012
19 Mr. N. B. Ahire M.E (Design Engg.) Assistant Professor 03/07/2012
20 Mr. Y. S. More M.E (Design Engg.), NCVT (Machinist) Assistant Professor 01/10/2012
21 Mr. A. S. Patil M.E. (CADME), PGDTD & CC, Ph.D (Pursuing) Assistant Professor 08/01/2013
22 Mr. R. J. Pawar M.E Mechanical (CADME) Assistant Professor 02/09/2013
23 Mr. P. V. Deosant M.E. Mechanical (CADME) , Ph.D (Pursuing) Assistant Professor 17/02/2014
24 Ms. S. V. Shewale M.E Mechanical (CADME) Assistant Professor 17/02/2014
25 Mr. S. K. Nirgude M.E. Mechanical (CADME) Assistant Professor 07/08/2006

Supporting Staff

Sr.No. Name of the Faculty Qualification Designation Date of Joining Institution
1 Mr. N. S. Tajane D.M.E. Pursuing A.M.I.E (SEC B) Technical Assistant 03/07/2007
2 Mr. A. G. Patil B. E. (Mech), M.E. (Pursuing) Technical Assistant 10/07/2010
3 Mr. M. S. Nathe BE(Mech) ,ME(Design) Technical Assistant 01/01/2013
4 Mr. M. A. Sali B. E. (Prodn.) Technical Assistant 01/07/2010
5 Miss. P. G. Muthal BE(Mech), ME(Pursuing) Technical Assistant 02/08/2013
6 Mr. M. S. Gaikwad D.M.E. Technical Assistant 07/08/2013
7 Mr. C. P. Gharat D.M.E. Technical Assistant 06/07/2011
8 Mr. Kunal Bhaskar F.Y. B.Com Peon 17/07/2006
9 Mr. D. S. Adhav S.S.C. Peon 10/06/2011
10 Mr. Vilas Karanjkar F.Y. B.Com Peon 03/08/2010

Faculty List of Workshop Department

Sr.No. Name of the Faculty Qualification Designation Date of Joining Institution
1 Mr. R. S. Jain M. Tech (Design) Assistant Professor & Workshop Superintendent 02/07/2010
2 Mr. V. P. Tawlarkar I.T.I.,D.M.E.( Appeared) Workshop Foreman 16/08/2006
3 Mr. B. G. Patil I.T.I.(Welder) Workshop Instructor 11/08/2006
4 Mr. H. S. Malode I.T.I.(Carpenter) Workshop Instructor 11/08/2006
5 Mr. S. S. Mandlik I.T.I.(Fitter) Workshop Instructor 15/07/2008
6 Mr. S. R. Shinde I.T.I.(Fitter) Workshop Assistant 01/06/2006
7 Mr. Ranjit Patil I.T.I.(Fitter) Workshop Attendant 12/06/2011