Department of Mechanical Engineering

List of Laboratories
Name of the Laboratory
Assest Name
1  Mechatronics  Calibration of flow meters.FT III , Calibration of Thermocouples/ RTD,  Load Cells Trainer, Various types of Actuators : a) PID Trainer  b) Computer interface and software for PID Trainer  c) Laptop,  Linear Conveyor Control System, PLC Trainer-II & Ladder programming software, A/D and D/A converters (0808), Flip Flops and Timers.JK, RS, T, D, Application of Op – Amp circuits, Different switches and relays
2  Dynamics of Machinery Dynamic Balancing Machine, Whirling oF Shaft Appratus, Shock Absorber Test RIG
3 Power Plant Engineering Steam Power Plant, MINI - NON IBR Package Boiler
4 Theory of Machine Vib.Lab Apparatus, Sleep & Creep Measurement Apparatus, Brake & Clutch Test Rig, Cam Analysis Apparatus, Models of Cams & Followers, Universal Governor Apparatus, Working Models of Synchromesh gear Box, Working Models of Differential Gear Assembly, Model of Geneva Mechanism, Model for Friction Wheel Drive, Epi-Cyclic Gear train Apparatus to Measure Torque, Motorised Gyroscope
5 Applied Thermodynamics Bomb Calorimeter, Flue (Four )gas analyzer (For Diesel Smoke Type), Model of Cochron  Boiler, Model of Vertical Water Tube Boiler, Model of Loeffler Boiler, Model of Lamount  Boiler, Model of Benson  Boiler, Model of Velox Boiler, Multistage compressor, Lever Safety valve, Spring Loaded Safety Valve, Blow off cock, Water level gauge, Combined high  steam low, Stop valve,  Feed check valve
6 Heat Transfer Thermal Conductivity of Metal Rod, Thermal Conductivity of Insulating powder, Temperature Distribution in Composite Walls, Heat Transfer in Natural Convection, Heat Transfer through Forced Convection, Emmissivity Measurement App, Steafan Boltzman App, Critical Heat Flux Apparatus
7 Fluid Mechanics Redwood Viscometer,  Various pressure measuring devices, Meta centric height apparatus, Bernoulls theorems apparatus,  Orifice meter & Venturi meter Apparatus, Haleshaws apparatus,   Reynolds apparatus, Flow through pipes Apparatus, Losses in Pipe Fittings apparatus, Notch Apparatus 
8 Refrigeration & Air Conditioning   Computerized Vapour compression  test rig, Air conditioning Test rig, ICE plant test rig, Vapour absorption test rig, Cold storage trainer, Refrigeration control display board
9  Turbo Machines Pelton Wheel Turbine Test Rig, Francis Turbine Test Rig ( Computerized ), Centrifugal Pump Test Rig, Model of Jet Pump, Hydraulic Ram Working Model, Reciprocating Pump Test Rig, Impact of Jet Apparatus
10 Industrial Fluid Power Gear Pump Test Rig, Basic Hydraulic Trainer Kit, Electro Pneumatic Trainer Kit , Multistage Compressor, Automation Studio Software
11 Metrology & Quality Control UDT 2Dial Gauge Tester, Optical Flats, Vernier Caliper, Vernier Caliper, Bore Gauge Without Dial, Inside Micrometer, Metric Screw pitch, Metric Rectangular Gauge Block, Radius Gauge, Vernier Height Gauge, Combination Square Sets, Dial Test Indicators, Depth Micrometers, Spirit Level Size, Floating Carriage Micrometer with Standard wire Set & Standard Accessories, Gear Tooth Vernier Caliper, Universal Surface Gauge,, V Block Hardened with Clamp Size 50 x 40 x 40 mm, Tri Square, Thickness Gauge, Outside Micrometer, Disk Micrometer, Universal Bevel Protractor, Ground Parallel Plate, Auto Colimator & angle Dekkor, Dial Test Indicator, Sine Center, Standard Set 302714 D Projection Lens 10x Set Halogen Lamp 34 V 150W 3Pcs. Susers Manual 50 x 50  XY Stage Digimatic Head Wire Power Cable Shield Plate Vinyl Cover
12 Engineering Graphics Transperant Acrylic Material Model /  Set of Planes (Coloured), Acrylic Material Models Set Of Solids(Non Dissected), Liqid filled acrylic material model set of solids, Model of development of surfaces, Model of Interpenetration of different olids (01 Model Extra),  Acrylic Model of Reference Plane, Acrylic Material Drawing Insrument Set for use with on white board for engineering drawing
13 Basic Mechanical Engineering Lab BME Lab Charts, BME Lab Charts, Hook Joint(Single), Hook Joint(Double), Steam turbine board, Model Gib & Cotter Joint, Sleeve & Spigot joint, Socket & Spigot Joint, Universal Coupling, Flexible Coupling, Box or Muff Coupling, Flanged Coupling, Split muff Coupling,Oldham's Coupling, Steam Engine, Dead weight, Safety Valve, Two stroke Diesel Engine, Four stroke Diesel Engine, Two stroke petrol Engine, Zenith Carburettor, Solex Carburettor, Gear Box, Throttle Valve,  Single Shoe Break, Double Shoe Break, Bond Break, Rope pulley, Open Truck Bearing, Simple Bearing, Foot Step Bearing, Swivell Bearing,  Hanger Bracket,  Wall Bracket, Claw Watch, Conical Frictional Clucth, Centrifugal Clucth, Internally Expanding Brake, Lancashire Boiler, Babcock & Wilcox Boiler, Fuel System of Diesel Engine, Seller Coupling, Tie rod End, Gear Box with Clucth, Band and Block Break, Ball bearing, Multiple clucth, Super gear three stage, Gear set four type, Disk Break, Slide Valve
14  I.C.Engine Lab Computerised Multicylinder Diesel Engine Test Rig, (1)Engine Test Setup, Diesel Injection Pressure Sensor, Laptop, 6/24, Battery Charger, Engine Test Setup (4 Cylinder 4Stroke Petrol Engine), Computerised VCR ,Single Cylinder Diesel Engine Setup, Electrical Starting Arrangement, Cut Section of Vertical Diesel Engine, Petrol Engine
15 Metallurgy Poldi Hardness, Tester Rockwell Hardness Tester, Vicker Cum Brinell Hardness Tester, Impact Testing Machine, Ndt - Magnetic Particle Crack Detector, Ndt - Flurocent Dye Penetrant Kit, Microscope Binacular Metallurgical, Trinacular Metallurgical Micrpscope, Metallurgical Microstructure Set, Jominy End Quench Hardness Test Quenching Furnace & Muffle Furnace, Desicator
16 CAD Lab 1 Intel Core I5 650@3.2 GHz 1333FSB 4 MBL3 INTEL DH 55TC / Mother Board 4 GB DDR3 RAM, 64 MB CACHE 500 Gb HDD SATA, CABINET CIRCLE LOGITECH KEYBOARD+OPTICAL MOUSE NVIDIA QUADRO FX 380, 512 MB DDR3, 17" Dell Square Monitor TFT, Autodesk Software Subscription 1 Year, Autodesk Product Autodesk Auto Cad 2009 Educational, HP Designjet 500 F (45") color plotter with Stand & Roller Feed, Epson LX 300 9 pin 8o Col. Printer, Pro-E Uplus Lab Bundle
17 Project Lab Lenovo think centre M71e, Intel Core I3, 4 GB Ram, 320 Gb HDD
18 CAD Lab-II Lenovo Thinkstation E30 PBPWBPA Specifications:-Intel Xeon 3.10Ghz ,4 GB Ram,500 GB HDD,Dell Monitor,Lenovo Keyboard Mouse, Unigraphics NX Academic Perpetual License Bundle, Unigraphics NX Academic Perpetual License Bundle, ANSYS Academic Teaching Introductory-V 14.5, Hyperworks CAE-SUITE,