Central Library

           Library Circulation Time Table

Day 9.00 am to 1.30 pm 2.30 pm to 5.00 pm
Monday First Year Degree ( All Division’s)
M. C. A.- I , II & III
Thursday Second Year Degree
Friday Third Year Degree
Saturday (2nd and 4th ) Final Year Degree

Membership and Duration period   :

All the students, faculty members, staff and the institute is entitled for the membership of library. Their entitlement, in terms of numbers of books they can borrow and the permissible loan period are given below:

Description No. of Books Duration Period
Head of Department 20 Books One Semester
Technical Staff 15 Books One Semester
Non - Technical Staff 10 Books One Semester
All Branches Students Duration Period  Note :- ( Exam Period two books extra for home lending ) 
First Year Engineering 02 Books 03 (Book Bank) Three Weeks
Second Year Engineering 02 Books 03 (Book Bank) Three Weeks
Third Year Engineering 02 Books 03 (Book Bank) Three Weeks
Final Year Engineering 02 Books 03 (Book Bank) Three Weeks
P.G. Courses (Students) 05 Books 03 (Book Bank) One Month

Library working hours :
  • Monday to Friday : 8.30am To 5.30pm.
  • Saturday : 8.30am to 1.30pm (2nd & 4th)
  • (1st , 3rd , 5th Saturday Library Closed)
Circulation Rules  :
    1.  Books borrowed must be returned on or before the due date.
    2.  Renewal can be done at any time.
    3.  Books will have to be physically presented for renewals.
    4.  Books will be renewed if there are no reservations.
    5.  Users are requested to verify the physical condition of the book/s before borrowing.
    6.  For late return of books, overdue charges will be collected as per rules in force.
    7.  Users are requested to collect receipt for fine amount paid by them.
Library Circulation Instructions :
  1. All the students should strictly note that they must carry their identity cards along with them.
  2. From general section, at a time, 2 books will be issued to the students only for 15 days. One time renewal facility is available.
  3. Every student will be issued maximum 3 books (under Institutional Book Bank Scheme) for the entire duration of semester. (Without delay charges please refer library rules and regulations in this regards for details).
  4. The Book Bank scheme is applicable only for the regular students and for the books of regular semester subjects.
  5. Any Book not returned on the due date is subject charge of late fee Rs. 2/-per day after the expiry of due date.
  6. Help to keep the book fresh & clean. Kindly keep the books back in proper shelves.
  7. Discussion & group discussion is not allowed in the library.
  8. The readers are liable for punishment with fine if they either misbehave or damage the books or any other property of the library.
  9. Students should not keep any book in the book rack individually. It is the responsibility of library staff.
General Instructions :
  1. Library functions on Monday to Saturday on all working days of the college. In addition during annual exams it works on Sundays and holidays also as per Principal Instructions
  2. Students are not allowed to take books from the library counter without prior permission.
  3.  Students are not allowed to write anything on the reading table with pen or pencil.
  4. Students are not allowed to read newspapers in the library during lecture or practical time.
  5.  Students are not allowed to disturb the seating arrangement in the library. While going back keep the chair to its original position.
  6. Students are not allowed to write in the book or spoil the book in any manner or damage any property belonging to library.
  7. If the property or book is damaged or broken, the cost determined by the authorities would be charged to compensate it.
  8. Bags, Umbrellas, parcel, mobile Phones etc are not allowed to carry into the library except files and books. If found so, the student will be confiscated.
  9. They can keep the book on table or handover to library staff.
Digital Library : Discipline 

Order and silence must be maintained at all times in the Library.
  1. Downloading, installing and running of software are not allowed within the facility
  2. One-student-per-PC policy shall be observed strictly in order to maintain order in the use of the E- Library facility.
  3. Access of PORNOGRAPHIC sites/materials is not allowed and is punishable by suspension on the use of facility for one semester.
  4. All persons leaving the library must show their documents to the security staff at exit.
  5. Stealing or attempting to steal a library document or any of the library property is an offence. Appropriate disciplinary action will be taken against the offender.
  6. The library will not take any responsibility for loss or damage of personal property left in the reading and baggage areas.
  7. Mobile phones and other devices which may cause disturbances should not be used in the library unless their use is silent.
  8. Ink bottles, paints etc, which may accidentally damage library materials are not allowed into the library.
  9. The library reserves the right to ask any person to stop using computer equipment if the library staff has reasonable grounds to believe that that person is misusing it.
  10. Computers are provided for the purpose of research and other educational endeavours.
  11. Misuse of this facilities e.g. game playing, personal email, e-trade, hacking, and change of PC or Network settings, online application or registration is prohibited.