Introduction : Central Library Home

An Introduction to Learning Resource Center i.e. MET-BKC-IOE Central Library. First let’s take an overview of this library. This MET-BKC-IOE Central Library is well known by its different features, especially unique with airy and open view glass walls and students feel comfortable and fresh while studying. The purpose of designing beautiful architecture and inner ambience is to motivate them for longer period of study to concentrate wholeheartedly.

Library is a heart of the organization or institutes. Library plays vital role in the development of the students as well as the faculty members. Library is trinity of students, Staff Members & Resources. Library built collection and create tools to support teaching and learning, to provide better services to its users. MET’s Institute of Engineering has Central Library established in 2006 for students as well as for faculty members, this library is one of the Best libraries among the Engineering Colleges in Nashik. There are 30000+ books and 120+ Journals/Magazines in our library as well as E-library is also there. The methodology of book issue is both manual and computerized. There are tie-up with British council library of nature "Hard membership" and "Online membership".

Library Automation & Services :

The Services of the library contribute significantly to the learning process, particularly e-learning process. With changing learning environment in recent years and to promote the use of latest technology in accessing information, the library has developed good infrastructure. All PCs of library are with latest computer configuration. Computer essentials are installed and connected with LAN, Intranet and MTNL Broad Band Internet.

Complete catalogue of the library holdings has been created by using In-house integrated Library Software (ERP) developed Version 1.0.0637. Online Public Access Catalogue (OPAC) is provided to the users on intranet site Students are using the OPAC extensively for searching the required books and journal articles. On an average 150 books per day are circulated to the readers from Home lending section and Reading Hall of the library. The students extensively use Library Reading Hall and around 350 students are availing this facility. The library is connected with the other libraries on the campus and an integrated OPAC of the holdings is made available to all users on Computers of all the libraries on the campus are connected to the central server. Local hub is provided in each library for speedy communication of data. The library has a privilege of using 2 MBPS Internet leased line. Library is proud to provide online access facility to the students and faculty members to the internationally reputed commercial databases like IEEE, ASME, British Library Online Membership and so many (Paid or Free) databases.

Library has started uploading question papers for all the courses/programs and for reading and downloading question papers on our website and students can use and also uploaded on site