Central Library Events, Best Practices and Future Plan 

          Library Events

  1.  Department of Computer Engineering and Central Library, organized one day Exhibition on especially digital signal Processing Applications (310253), TE Computer for the purpose of, as a Part of Syllabus restructuring for Engineering Faculty University of Pune. This Syllabus framing Workshop was scheduled on Thursday, 16/01/2014, (9.30 am onwards) under guidance of Chairman Dr. Sarang Joshi and Members BOS (Computer Engineering). Heads and senior faculty members of all Engineering Institutes under Pune University have attended the workshop as well as some of the book Publishers were also participated in this event.
  2.  “Granthhotsav – 2012”: Book fair in MET-BKC – “A Mecca (All Reference Book) for book lovers” Book Exhibition cum sale of books for all Staff and Students, on 21st and 22nd Sept. 2012 in our Campus at Core Building, Drawing Hall.
  3. Book Exhibition and Marathi Essay Competition on  "27 February 2015- Marathi Bhasha Gaurav Din", A Birth anniversary of Sheri V V Shirwadkar (Kusumagraj).    
  4. Two days Book Exhibition on “Vachan Prerana Din”, A Birth anniversary of Dr. A P J Abdul Kalam - 15th and 16th October 2015
  5. Book Exhibition on “Vachan Prerana Din”, A Birth anniversary of Dr. A P J Abdul Kalam - 15th October 2016
  6. Book Exhibition and Marathi Essay Competition on  "27 February 2017- Marathi Bhasha Gaurav Din", A Birth anniversary of Sheri V V Shirwadkar (Kusumagraj).
Best Practices Followed by the Library

Listed below are some of the best practices that can enhance the academic information environment and usability.
  1. Computerization of library with standard digital software Central library has used fully automated (E.R.P) Library Integrated Software developed Version 1.0.0637.
  2. Attendance of students and teachers in Library and E-Library Section and Reading hall is recorded every day and entry and exit register with sign is mentioned.  This helps in taking some policy decision about services.
  3. OPAC and Web-OPAC is made available to  readers for last 3 years.
  4. Newspaper Clippings are displayed on regular basis and news paper Clipping Index also available in http://erp.bkc.met.edu/.
  5. Know my Library :  Inclusion of sufficient information about the library in the college prospectus.
  6. Library circulation statistics is generated on real-time basis regularly.
  7. Compilation of student/teacher attendance statistics
  8. Displaying newspaper clippings on the notice board periodically. 
  9. Career/Employment Information/ Services.
  10. Internet Facilities to different user groups.
  11. Intranet facility is available on campus. Twenty computers are made available for database access and internet surfing for academic purpose.
  12. Library is under CCTV surveillance
  13. Information literacy programs
  14. Suggestion box and simultaneous response.
  15. Conducting Book Display/Exhibitions on different occasions, Organizing book talks, competitions annually in the Students Forum.
  16. Open Access System to all
  17. Book Bank Scheme is regular feature of the library (Institutional Book Bank and Social Welfare Book Bank Scheme).
  18. All Previous Question Papers Set & all Branches Syllabus available for reading and downloading question papers on our website and students can use site http://erp.bkc.met.edu.

Institutional Repositories (DSpace / IR) :

Our College has Planned to start DSpace . DSpace is the Best option for communication to library to their user via digital source. DSpace is Best and free software for Institutional Repositories. It is available free of cost which can be effectively used to provide Innovative services to users and without involvement of any of large budget. Need for IR : In Academic Institution due to Lack of time and not aware about various resources they are losing high quality of information. It is librarians look out to gather all possible relevant information from trusted sources. Storage of the information at one point/workstation which is easy and timely access to user. 

Following communities are included in Communities in Dspace/ IR
         1.  Institutional Details / Departmental  Events / Photos
         2.  Institutional level Research Activities
         3.  E-Resources
         4.  E Books
         5.  E-Journals

Sub-communities within this community
         1.  Departmental Level Research Activities
         2.  Regular and Guest Lecturers Notes / Video lectures/ PPT
         3.  PhD Course Work and  Research Project (ME)
         4.  Question Bank  / Question Papers
         5.  Departmental Seminar / Conference Proceedings
         6.  Departmental Seminar / Conference Videos
         7.  Staff, Students Research Papers (Journals, E-Books, Conferences )
         8.  Syllabus

Library Future Plans :
  1. Fully Computerized Library and Automation services will be provided to Make effective library service in future.
  2. Special Support for all users :- Free Internet Facility, Inter library loan, other colleges  and linkage with IIT libraries and other membership of reputed libraries.
  3. Most important circulars (University, UGC, NAAC and State Govt.),  Current Syllabus, Question Papers (for three years), will be compiled and made available to the students.
  4. Planning to mine the free e-books on Internet and provide the same to Library users.  This work is under process.
  5. Planned to design separate library website & host the same on any one of the Free Web Hosts. This way library user community can browse the site to know more about the library, its products and services. It is also planned to link with our college website.
  6. In this library blog/link of all previous question papers, syllabus, Photo and library at a glance report are available.