Department of Computer Engineering
in association with
Student Association of Computer

A One-Day Workshop on “Lay-Tech (LATEX)”
Date : 25th March 2017
 Obejctives :
  1. To equip students with latest trends of document writing using LATEX
  2. To provide the knowledge of type setting language to prepare seminar/project reports, IEEE papers, thesis etc.
  3. To demonstrate the use of modern FOSS tool for effective document writing and presentations
 Participants : TE Computer Engineering Students

 Experts : Mr. Tusharsaheb Patil
                 Mr. Atul Chaudhari

Contents  :
  1. PART I : Theory Session
    1. A Quik Look on Word Document Processor
    2. What is mean by Type Setting Langauge
    3. Introduction to "Latex"
    4. Comparision of Latex with Word Processor and Process of Latex
    5. Installation of Latex and its required softwares
    6. Creation of Simple Latex Document as Report, Article, Book etc.
    7. Adding the Packages in document, Creating headers, footers, paragrpahs, spaces etc in a documents
    8. Basics of Latex, Special Symbols, Basic Latex Commands (Theory)
    9. Creation of different Latex Document Formats, Writing Body Contents of document with example
    10. Latex Fonts, Lists and Environments with example explained
    11. Maths in Latex, Table (Single & Multiline), Equations, Special Symbols
    12. Graphics in Latex (i.e.Simple Figures Floating Figures) Referencing in Latex
    13. Using diffrenet Style Formats in Latex, Creating Bibliogrpahy manually and using Bibtex
    14. Creatiing presentation using Latex
    15. Creating IEEE research paper formats

  2. PART II : Practical Session
    1. Create Document Class as Article using Latex. Add content of your choice
    2. Create Document Class as Letter using Latex. Add contens of your choice
    3. Create Document Class as Book using Latex. Add contens of your choice
    4. Create Document Class as Report using Latex. Use Packages, Style Formats, add header,footers with some contents
    5. Add Sections, subsections, subsubsectionns in assignment "D" with some theory content in it
    6. Add Table of Contents, List of Tables, List of Figures, List of Abbreviations and theory contents in assignment "E".
    7. Add paragraphs, Lists, mathematical expressions, equations and theory contents in assignment "F".
    8. Add Simple and Multiline Tables, Figures, Refernces to figures and equations and theory contents in assignment "G".
    9. Add Bibliography, References of Bibiliography in contents with theory contents in assignment "H".
    10. Create Simple Presentation and IEEE research paper format using Latex commands
    11. Doubts Solving Session with Students