Department of Engineering Sciences

Lab Information

Sr.No. Name of the Laboratory No.of Students per setup (Batch Size) Name of the Important        Equipment Weekly utilization status (all the courses for which the lab is utilized) Technical Manpower Support
Name of the Technical Staff Designation Qualification
1   Engineering Physics Laboratory 20 1. Laser Experiment Set up. 
2. Uiltrasonic inter ferrometer
3. Magnetic Suscptibility 
4. Halleffect 4 probe.
18 Hours Mr. Arun G. Patil Technical Assistant B.Sc. Physics
2   Engineering Chemistry Laboratory 20 1. Digital Balance 
2.MuffleFurnance                                3. Hot Air Oven                                   4. pH meter                              
5. Coloriemeter 
18 Hours Mr Sunil P. Sonavani Technical Assistant B.Sc. Chemistry, SET (M.Lib)
3   Basic Electronics Engineering Lab 20 1.CRO                                                    2. Fun. Generator                                3. Power Supply                                   4. Trainer Kit                                        5. Multimeter  18 Hours Mr V.A. Tile Technical Assistant Diploma
4   Engineering Mechanics Lab 20 1. Reaction Beam Apparatus     
2. Force Table Apparatus 
Belt Friction Apparatus                                  
18 Hours Mr.P.S. Patil Technical Assistant M.E (Enviromental)  Persuing
5   Basic Electrical Engineering Lab 20 1. Electrical Accessories Kit     
2. 1ø ,3Ø Transformer
3. Load Bank                                        4. RTC Kit (KVL, KCL , Super Position, Thevenis Kit)               
5. Multimeter 
18 Hours Mr. S. B. Amrutkar Technical Assistant B.Tech Electronics  M.Tech Persuing
6  Basic Mechanical Engineering Lab 20 Models 18 Hours Mr. Mandar Sali Technical Assistant B.E
7  Engineering Graphics Lab 20 Drawing Models 18 Hours Mr. Sharad Nirgude Technical Assistant M.E
8  Fundamental Programming Language Lab 20 3rd generation think center computer system UBUNTO operating system 36 Hours Mr. Suyog Gorhe Network Assistant B.Com. + Hardware and Networking Course
9  Manufacturing Processes Lab 20 1. Drill Machine                                   2. Arc Welding M/ C              
3. Tools                               
18 Hours Mr. Manik Nathe Technical Assistant M.E
10  Basic Civil and Enviornmental Engineering Lab 20 1. Total Station                                    2. Dumpy Level                                                      3. Leser Level                                       4. GPS 18 Hours Mr. P.S.Patil Technical Assistant M.E (Enviromental)  Persuing