Department of Electronics and Telecommunication Engineering

  Laboratories and Major Equipments 

Sr. No. Name of The Laboratory Location List of Major Equipments /Trainer Total no. of Equipments/ Trainers Name of the Technical Staff
1 Electronic System Design Lab 413 CRO, Function Generator Dual Power Supply, Analog Trainer, Linear IC Tester Lenovo Think Centre M73, Tiny Desktop (Lenovo I3,500GBHDD,4GBRAM) 70 Mrs. S. R. Shahir
2 Basic Electronics Laboratory 413 CRO 25MHz 2CH 4 Trace LCRQ Meter 100MHz
Dual DC Power Supply 0-32V
3 Project & Simulation 411 Lenovo Think Centre M73 Tiny Desktop (Lenovo I3,500GB HDD,4GBRAM)
LCD Projector (In focus In - 2104)With Accessories Scanner HP 2400 Printer- SAMSUNG 2571 Printer- EPSON LX- 300Embedded System Design Kit ARM LPC 2148 Trainer, GSM Modem Interfacing Kit
ARM LPC 2148 Trainer, GSM Modem Interfacing Kit
48 Mr. R. S. Magaji
4 Analog & Digital Communication 410 Spectrum Analyzer DSO cum Logic Analyzer CRO, Function Generator
AMFM Signal Generator Analog & Digital Communication Trainer, Mobile Telephone Trainer, Voice Communication
Trainer, GSM Trainer, CDMA Trainer.
5 Digital System Design 409 Digital Trainer, Digital IC Tester
NI's Circuit Design Bundle(ELVIS) Setup for research purpose.ECG System, Blood pressure, measurement system, EEG ,System, Phonocardiograph system, Photoplethysmography, Data Acquisition system, D.C. Defibrillator & simulator.  
24 Mrs. M. R. Mahajan
6 PCB & Project Laboratory (EHW) 409 Basic + Advanced PCB lab PCB artwork Film Maker, PCB Curing Machine, Dip Coat Machine, Photo Resist UV Exposure Unit Double Sided Etching Machine, PCB Drilling Machine PCB Shearing Machine, Roller Tinning Machine Developer, Plate Through Hole (PTH),Computer system (2GB RAM , 160GB HDD) ,CRO, Function Generator   29
7 Software Lab 1 Laboratory 404 10KVA UPS with Battery & Rack DSP Starter Kit, Lenovo Think Centre Desktop PCs     48 Mr. S. H. Shinde
8 Software Lab 2 Laboratory 404 Lenovo Think Centre Desktop PCs(Lenovo I3,500GBHDD,4GBRAM VLSI Trainer Kits Xilinx FPGA Daughter Board Dot Matrix Printer Epson LX-300 52
9 Mechatronics & Automation Laboratory 310 Digital Storage Oscilloscope ,Allen Bradley PLC Trainer II,Analog PLC Ladder Programming Software, Pick & Place operation using Simulation Control Software, PID Trainer, Computer
Interface Software for PID, Electro- Pneumatic trainer kit Vibration measurement ,trainer Displacement, Velocity, acceleration, Bottle Filling Plant, Pressure Transducer ,Trainer Compressor, Flow Control ,Trainer Set
61 Mrs. B. S. Patil
10 Power Electronics Laboratory 310 V2F 3 phase induction motor driveUP/UC based Three Phase controlled DC drive  
11 Software lab -3 304 10KVA UPS with batteries & Rack Lenovo Think Centre M73 Tiny Desktop (Lenovo I3,500GB HDD,4GBRAM) Printer- EPSON LX-300,
Atmega 328P Development Board
32 Mr. V. S. Chaudhari
12 Microprocessor & Microcontroller lab (Software lab- 4) 304 Lenovo Think Centre M73 Tiny Desktop (Lenovo I3,500GB HDD,4GBRAM)
Code Compressor Studio I Micro tutor 51 LABTOOL-48UXP Universal programmer 8051 Basic, Programming & Interfacing Tutor DYNA 518031/51 Based Microcontroller Trainer DYNA 86L advanced 8086 Microprocessor Trainer
ADC Interfacing DAC Interfacing
13 Audio & Video Lab     313 Color TV Trainer
Color Pattern Generator
PA System
DTH System Kit
DVD System Kit
34 Mr. V. A. Tile
14 Optical Fiber & Microwave Communicatio n Laboratory 313 Microwave Test Bench (Nvis-9002) Microwave Test Bench (NV 9004)
Gun Power supply, Gun oscillator,
Micro strip Antenna ,ATS20A,
Stepper motor controller
Total 768  

  List of License Software’s  

Software For Signal / Image / Speech Processing :
    1. MATLAB12 and Simulink (25 users License)
Software For VLSI Design :
    1. Xilinx ISE web pack version 9.1
Software For Microcontrollers :
    1. Keil (Micro vision 4IDE)
    2. Keil (Micro vision 3IDE)
    3. Flash magic
    4. MPLAB IDE (v8.91)
Software For Embedded Design :
    1. Triton
    2. Eclipse SDK Version: 3.6.2
      Build Id: M20110210-1200
Software For Circuit Simulation :
    1. Proteus7 Professional (15Users License)
Software For PCB Design :
    1. Mentor Graphics (PADS) (10Users License)

  Laboratories Infrastructure   
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