Department of Electrical Engineering

List of Laboratories
Name of the Laboratory
Area of Lab
1 Electrical Machine Electrical Machine-I 90
Electrical Machine-II 90
2 Elec. Measurement & Instru. Elec. Measurement & Instru. 80
3 Basic Electrical Engg. Basic Electrical Engg. 72
4 Material Science Network Analysis 77
Material Science
5 Power System Lab Power Quality 69
Power System-II
6 Analog & Digital Electronics Analog & Digital Electronics 77
Power Electronics 77
7 Control System Lab CS-I 68
8 Electrical Computer Lab PLC & SCADA and PSOC 74

Major Equipments
Name of the Laboratory
1 D.C. Shunt Motor - 5 HP /220V/9A/1500RPM Coupled to 3PH Alternator -5KVA / 415V/ 1500RPM/50Hz/ Sailent Pole / Plate Coupling & Static Excitation Unit for Alternator
2 D.C.Power Supply Unit Working in 3PH /415V/50Hz. Input & Output 220V/50A D.C.
3 5 HP / 220 V / 1500 RPM / Dc Shunt Motor coupled with 3.0KW / 220 V / 1500 RPM Dc Shunt Generator with base and couplings.
4 Experimental kit for determination of characteristics of pressure transducers.
5 3PH Auto Transformer
6 Oil testing kit 100KV with two oil containers,Meters & Main ON HT ON Lamps (Model : Motorized with auto manual switch )
7 Sphere gap arrangement Diameter 10cm, 100KV,100mA Transformer, Control Panel & Different types of Electrodes for High voltage solid breakdown Test with connecting wire.
8 Measurement of ABCD parameters of a medium transmission line & Measurement of ABCD parameters of a long transmission line
9 Study of the effect of VAR compensation using capacitor bank
10 Static measurement of sub-transient reactance’s of a salient-pole alternator
11 Measurement of sequence reactance’s of a synchronous machine (Negative & Zero)
12 Analog Tainer Kit
13 Experimental kit for Cascade type multilevel Inverter.
14 Frequency Response of a Closed loop System
15 Advance PLC Training Kit, Containing AB Micrologix 1400 PLC with 20 DI, 12 DO with Ethernet port + expansion module of 2 AI & 2 AO, Encoder, Ethernet Cable Mounted on Moving Trolley ( Kit Covers all the practical for PLC, i.e. 1-18)
16 Three phase induction motor operated with sinusoidal supply andunder distorted supply conditions supplied by 3 phase inverter
17 Lenovo Think Center M73 tiny Desktop
18 Air Circuit Breaker with Source
19 Percentege differencial Protection of Transformer
20 Protection of Alternator & Protection of Transmission Line using Impedance Relay
21 Electrical braking of D.C.Shunt motor (Rheostatic, plugging )
22 Three phase fully converter fed separately excited D.C. motor