Faculty Information of Computer Engineering

Sr.No. Name of the Faculty Qualification Designation Date of Joining the Institution
1   Dr. M. U. Kharat Ph.D. Professor & Head 01/10/2011
2   Dr. S. V. Gumaste  Ph.D Professor [PG] 11/04/2017
3   Dr. R. S. Tiwari Ph.D.   Professor Emeritus [PG] 08/03/2016
4   Mr. P. M. Yawalkar ME CSE Associate Professor
5   Dr. K. V. Metre M.Tech, Ph.D.
Associate Professor
6   Ms. R. P. Dahake ME Comp Assistant Professor [PG] 19/01/2010
7   Mr. V. B. More ME Comp Assistant Professor 01/09/2015
8   Mr. S. C. Vidhate M-Tech Assistant Professor 08/09/2008
9   Mrs. A. S. Banait (Ugale) ME CSE Assistant Professor 29/08/2008
10   Ms. V. R. Khandve M-Tech Assistant Professor 10/09/2008
11   Mr. V. D. Dabhade M-Tech Assistant Professor 29/06/2009
12   Mr. R. P. Aher ME CSE Assistant Professor 01/09/2012
13   Ms. M. V. Shinde M-Tech CSE Assistant Professor 19/07/2011
14   Mr. S. W. Jadhav ME Comp Assistant Professor 23/07/2012
15   Mr. A. J. Gosavi ME Comp Assistant Professor 08/02/2010
16   Ms. R. V. Chaudhari ME CSE Assistant Professor 23/08/2011
17   Mr. T. G. Patil ME Comp Assistant Professor 18/07/2011
18   Mr. P. B. Devre ME Comp Assistant Professor 24/08/2015
19   Ms. S. B. Borse ME Comp Assistant Professor 24/08/2015
20   Mr. A. S. Chaudhari ME Comp Assistant Professor 02/11/2016
21   Mr. A. S. Kale ME Comp Assistant Professor 04/01/2016

Updated status of Faculty Available During 2013-14 to 2015-16 and relieved as detailed below
Sr.No. Name of the Faculty Qualification Designation Date of Joining Relieving Year
1   Dr. D. V. Patil M. Tech
  Associate Professor  30/04/2013 2015-2016
2   Mrs. M. A. Bhalekar ME  Assistant Professor 04/09/2007 2014-2015
3   Ms. Dimple Bedmutha ME   Assistant Professor 24/08/2015 2016-2017

Supporting Staff

Sr.No. Name of the Faculty Qualification       Designation
1   Mr. V. T. Kharat Master of Computer Application System Analyst
2   Mr. M. V. Suri BE Computer System Admin
3   Mr. S. V. Gharat MBA (System) Network Admin
4   Mr. V. S. Khelukar Diploma in Computer Technology Technical Assistant
5   Mr. D. G. Yeola M.Sc.(Computer) Technical Assistant
6   Ms. L. R. Nerkar Diploma in Computer Engineering Technical Assistant
7   Mr. M. S. Tambe B.Com Technical Assistant
8   Mr. V. P. Barge B.A. + Advanced Diploma in Computer Hardware and LAN Engineering Network Assistant
9   Mr. S. A. Gorhe B.Com. + Diploma in Hardware Engineering Network Assistant
10   Mr. H. D. Waghmare BA, MSCIT Laboratory Attendant
11   Mr. S. S. Pawar HSC Laboratory Attendant