Faculty List of Civil Engineering

Name of the Faculty Qualification Designation Specialization No. of Years of Experience
Teaching (Y:M) Industry (Y:M)
Mr. Kishor S. Chobe BE Assistant Professor Civil 29 3
Mr. Suhas E. Tayade ME, PhD (Pursuing) Associate Professor (Designated) Structures 8.09 06.11
Mr. Sachin S. Patil ME, PhD (Pursuing) Assistant Professor Structures 6.07 1.00
Mr. Manoj R. Avhad ME Assistant Professor Construction Management 4.06 -
Mr. Pavan Ghumare ME, PhD (Pursuing) Assistant Professor Construction Management 8.06 -
Mr. Navnath T. Shinde BE, ME (Pursuing) Assistant Professor Geotech 2.09 -
Mr. Jay A. Deotarse BE, ME (Pursuing) Assistant Professor Geotech 2.03 4.02
Mrs. Neha R. Pimpale ME Assistant Professor Structures 3.01 -
Mr. Vivek S. Wagh ME Assistant Professor Environment 05.08 -
Mr. Mangesh S. Ambekar ME Assistant Professor Geotech 04.05 -
Mr. Avinash V. Deshmukh ME (Pursuing) Assistant Professor Construction Management 01.08 -
Mr. Ganesh M Ushire BE (Pursuing) Technical Assistant Civil 10.03 -
Mr. Prashant S Patil ME (Pursuing) Technical Assistant Environment 3.06 7.00
Mr. Sharad S Raut BA Lab Attendant Politics 6.03 -
Mr. Arun S Bhoye BA Lab Attendant Marathi 3.05 -

List of Senior Visiting faculty

Sr.No. Name Qualification Subject Class
1 Dr. K. T. Patil PhD(Geology) Engineering Geology   SE (Civil)