Department of Civil Engineering

  Laboratory Details

Sr. No. Name of Laboratory Facilities
1 Basic Civil & Environmental Engg  1) Digital Planimeter: measurement of irregular areas
2) Total Station: Measurement of Distance, Angle, Area etc
3) Laser level : useful for ground leveling
2 Engineering Mechanics 1) Reaction of beam:
2) Force table :
3) Coefficient of restitution
4) Curvilinear motion
5) Belt Friction : All of above for practical application in Engineering mechanics
3 Geotechnical Lab 1) Direct Shear test apparatus :
2) C.B.R. Test apparatus :
3) Unconfined Compression tester
4) Triaxial outfit : All of above for practical application in Geotechnical Engineering as well as testing of soil
4 Testing of Materials 1) Computerized Universal Testing Machine
2) Digital compression Testing machine 3) Vibrating table
4) Concrete Mixer All of above for practical application in Concrete Technology and Strength of Materials  as well as testing of Construction materials such as steel ,timber, metal, bricks, concrete cement etc.
5 Fluid Mechanics I 1) Study Of Pressure Measurement
2) Metacentric Height Apparatus(With Ss Tank)
3) Electrical Analogy Apparatus
4) Bernoulli’s Theorem Apparatus(With Ss Tank)
5) Discharge Through Venturimeter & Orifice Meter (With Ss Tank )
6) Flow Through Orifice And Mouth Piece (With SS Tank)
7) Discharge Over Notches (With Ss Tank )
8) Laminar Flow Table
9) Reynold’s Apparatus ( With Ss Tank) All of above for practical application in Fluid Mechanics I
6 Geology Lab 1) FORM & STRUCTURE
2) COLOUR & LUSTRE All of above for study of  Engineering Geology
7 a) Environment Engineering I 1) Autoclave Vertical
2) Air Dust Sampler
3) UV-VIS Digital Spectrophotometer
4)Microcontroller Based Flame Photometer
5) COD Digester
6) BOD Incubator All of above for study for Drinking water analysis, air and noise analysis
7 b) Environment Engineering II 1) Flocculator Jar Test Apparatus
2) Muffle Furnace 9"x4"x4"
8 Fluid Mechanics II 1) Wind Tunnel Test Rig model with variable speed
2) Tilting Belt Flow Channel( Length 4 M, Width-200mm,Depth-300mm) All of above for study for Air flow and water flow
9 Surveying Nikon Total Station Model DTM-322
10 CAD LAB 1) Bhugol GIS software 2) Gram++ GIS Software 3) Auto Cad 4) Staad Pro 5) Cognifront (Engineering Mechanics) All of above for practical application in Civil engineering
11 Transportation Lab 1) Los Angeles Abrasion Testing Machine
2) Marshal Stability Testing Machine 4" Dia with proving ring & dial gauge
3) Bitumen Extractor - Motorized with variable speed
4) Ductility Testing Machine
5) Film Stripping Device
6) Ring & Ball apparatus Elec.Oprated with programmable DTC All of above for practical application in Transportation  engineering as well ase testing of Materials such as Bitumen, aggregate