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Board of Studies in Computer Engineering , Savitribai Phule Pune University
Forth Post Graduate Conference Of
Computer Engineering

cPGCON 2015

March 13-14, 2015
About cPGCON:

cPGCON is a post Graduate Conference an annual event, conducted by Board of Studies in Computer Engineering, Savitribai Phule Pune University. This is an effort to develop knowledge sharing by PG Dissertations and Doctoral Research. Post Graduate students and research scholars present their algorithmic and analytical proposals and progress to contribute in the frontiers of domain expertise and innovation. Considering large no. of colleges offering PG courses in Computer engineering academics host of the conferences is rotated to best improvise technical event management skills. Important objective is to develop association with world leading knowledge centers and expertise.

To Inculcate Problem Solving and Research Abilities

To provide platform of cPGCON conference for Post Graduates to present innovative Problem Solving and related Research

Mission Objectives:
  1. To develop abilities to use innovative computing algorithms for problem solving
  2. To develop abilities to conduct research
  3. To develop technical paper writing and presentation skills
  4. To develop technical communication skills
  5. To develop skills for using advanced technology ,publication and presentation tools,frameworks and platforms
  6. To develop manpower,technical infrastructure and experience in the engineering colleges of SPPU to conduct cPGCON by rotation
Papers are invited from PG students and Research Scholars in the following domains but not limited to
  1. Soft computing and artificial intelligence
  2. Data mining and information retrieval
  3. Operating system and compilers
  4. Image processing/Video processing /Signal processing
  5. Nano Technology
  6. Computer graphics and visualization
  7. Networking and cloud computing
  8. Mobile and wireless communication/Networking
  9. Parallel Computing
  10. Cyber security
  11. Video/virtual reality
  12. Software Engineering and Architecture
  13. Distributed computing
  14. Others
  15. Research Scholar(Ph.D)

  16. Note: Consider above listed Track Number and Title for paper submission on easychair