A One Week
National Level Workshop
"The Internet of Things"
8th to 12th January, 2018

    About Workshop :
The Internet of Things (IoT) is aimed at enabling the interconnection and integration of the physical world and the cyber space. It represents the trend of future networking, and leads the third wave of the IT industry revolution. This Workshop aims at giving participants a deeper insight in to the Internet of Things and important domains, recent trends. Participants will have theoretical as well as hands-on experience using hardware and software. This is a multidisciplinary activity focusing on core concepts of Internet of Things, role and scope of smart sensors for ensuring convergence of technologies and multidisciplinary engineering practices. The aim of the workshop is to offer Comprehensive Knowledge which will take Faculties, researchers from the basics of Internet of Things to the recent research trends in the field of IoT.

    Course Contents :

DAY 1 Key Note Session / Expert Talk
Introduction to Internet of Things
IOT Applications
Open Source Hardware Microcontroller Boards
Sensors and their Properties
Actuators and their Properties
Arduino Architecture
Programming Aurdino GPIO Pins and Using Serial Monitor
DAY 2 Key Note Session / Expert Talk
Interfacing and Programming Sensors
Interfacing and Programming Actuators
Working with RF Modules
Introduction to GSM Technology
DAY 3 Key Note Session / Expert Talk
Introduction to Communication Protocols
Raspberry Pi Architecture
OS Installation on Raspberry Pi
Programming Raspberry Pi GPIO
DAY 4 Key Note Session / Expert Talk
Sensors and Actuators Programming
Web Interfacing
Clustering with Raspberry Pi
DAY 5 Key Note Session / Expert Talk
Clustering with Raspberry Pi
IOT Project Designing and Development
IOT Use Cases