MET Institute of Information Technology (MET IIT)

MET’s IIT, Bhujbal Knowledge City was established to deliver the state-of-the-art education in Information Technology. It is an Authorized Training Centre of ACTS C-DAC and is authorized to conduct course- Diploma in Advanced Computing (DAC). It runs C-DAC's DAC Course top-of-the-line programmes and is one of the best centres in Nashik and Mumbai today.
MET Institute of Information Technology offers:
C-DAC has set up the Advanced Computing Training School (ACTS) Pune to meet the ever-increasing skilled manpower requirements of the IT industry as well as supplement its intellectual resource base for cutting edge research and development. C-DAC's Advanced Computing Training School (ACTS) is dedicated to creating high quality manpower through the designing and delivering various Undergraduate Diploma courses, Post Graduate Diploma courses and Post Gradudate Degree Awarding Courses. C-DAC is committed to nation building through its Advanced Computing Training School (ACTS) and is the first Government Lab that has expanded its horizons globally, extending its high quality training services to countries like Mauritius, Ghana, Uzbekistan, Tajikistan, Dubai Tanzania, Myanmar, Armenia, Belarus, Cambodia, Lesotho, Seychelles, Graneda, Domnican Republic, Kazakshthan, Vietnam and Japan. Presently, ACTS is offering its courses through a network of over fifty training centres spread across the country wherein thousands of students and professionals are being trained to enhance their skills, and equipped with the latest methodologies in advanced computing to enable them to make their mark in the Information and Communication Technology (ICT) industry. Around quarter million students passed out since inception in last seventeen years. They are today successful employees of many Multinational and Premier Indian IT companies, and many of them have become successful entrepreneurs.
Chief Placement Officer : Mr. Deepaq V. Vartak